ABC Family's The Fosters

YA Actor Interview - Speaking Of Jude | Young Adult Mag

Young Adult Mag interviews Hayden Byerly once again, and it's epic

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YA Review - 10 Best Feels (Or Shockers) From The Fosters Season 2, Episode 12 | Young Adult Mag

The Fosters is a young adult show on ABC Family. Many shows start off amazing and go on a downward spiral or don’t know where to go, but The Fosters manages to take all of its successes up to this point and improve upon them.

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YA Actor Interview - The Fosters Interviews | Young Adult Mag

The best of YA Mag's Fosters interviews!

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New Up-And-Comer Bianca A. Santos | YA Mag

For someone with only a few IMDB credits to her name, Bianca A. Santos has quickly risen to being one of the most recognizable faces in the YA world.

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The roles and stars in everyone can’t stop talking about are all here…

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YA Top Ten: American Accents

International Young Adult Actors Doing American Accents

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Soundbites | YA Mag

The best lines from this week in TV.

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Tv Tunes | YA Mag

The best songs from this week in TV.

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ABC FAMILY Recap of the Summer | YA Mag

It’s been a banner year for young adult actors and some of our favorite television on ABC Family.

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Interview Recap | YA Mag

We’ve rounded up the interviews you should definitely not miss.

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