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Publishing Date: 2/20/2014
Young Adult Mag is a magazine that celebrates YOU. You, the slacker sitting in the back of the class, or you, the brown-noser sitting just in front of Miss What’s Her Face teaching math.

The quarterback dates the cheerleader, but we hope (for the girl with glasses and the French horn's sake) that the cheerleader falls flat on her face. On the other hand, let's give the cheerleader the benefit of the doubt, for all we know she might be pregnant with the quarterback’s baby.

All forms of YOU will be portrayed in our magazine - first heartbreaks, coming out to your parents, or telling your brother how you smoked pot for the first time. We're mixing fiction with non-fiction and telling stories about real life coming from the YOU living it.

Authors and writerswill speak about their stories, while actors playing those roles will speak about the script given to them. Features on musicians will tell us about the lyrics they wrote and the songs they sung.


Books, Music, TV, Movies

At Young Adult Magazine, we provide all the latest young adult entertainment news regarding young adult TV shows, movies, music and literature. In each of our four categories we have a list of all the new releases coming out from month to month. Additionally, we feature interviews with authors, musicians, filmmakers, actors and other young artists with projects in the works.

To check back on old issues, go to Our Story and click on Previous Issues.

Questions or Comments: please contact us at info@youngadultmag.com

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