Cierra Ramirez
Publishing Date: 2/20/2014













YALM: So Cierra, how did you get into acting?

Cierra: I got into acting through singing. Originally, I would only do competitions in Texas, but a competition came up in LA, and I got the opportunity to compete, which led to me landing my agent. 


YALM: Tell us a little about Girl in Progress?

Cierra: Girl In Progress is a coming of age story about a young girl who feels neglected by her mother and seeks a right of passage as a way to enter adulthood and leave her childhood behind, along with her mother.


YALM: Because we’re a literary magazine we’d love to know what books you’re reading, and do you have a favorite?

Cierra: I'm not usually one to read, but a while ago I did pick up The Hunger Games, and when I found out that it was being turned into a movie, I became obsessed with the trilogy. It's one of those books that instantly capture you and you can't stop until you've finished reading the series.


YALM: We just found out that you’re going to be starring in ABCFamilies, Secret Life.  What was that like?

Cierra: Initially, I was a bit nervous joining an established series, but everyone has been so warm and welcoming, I feel like I've been on the set forever. The cast and crew are amazing and I'm excited to see what happens with my character, Kathy, a pregnant freshman who plans to give her baby up for adoption. 


YALM: What would be one thing you can share with our readers?

CierraYou Don't Know was written by my producers, who had just seen a screening of Girl In Progress. It was influenced by the love and bond between Ansiedad and Grace in the movie. I really loved the fact that really anyone can really relate to the song. It still managed to capture what Ansiedad was thinking, and it was almost as if the song was a cry for help. Although she loves her mother unconditionally, all she wants to know was that she is loved in return.

The music video should be released sometime in April, closer to the release date of the film, May 11th!



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