Ethan Whitehorse vs Ty Mendoza
Publishing Date: 2/20/2014

Blair Redford image

Blair Redford has been busy as of late. The hunky brunette rejoined the cast of Switched at Birth as Ty Mendoza this season, and has made his way back into Bay’s heart as well as ours. A few weeks ago Bay and Ty take a big step in their relationship and decide to have sex. And tonight Ty is being redeployed overseas. Let's see where things go next!

While we know and love Blair as Ty from the beginning of the series, he also is a regular on another ABC Family series, The Lying Game, as Ethan Whitehorse. If you’ve been watching both series, then you know that Blair is someone to look out for. YAmag felt that he deserves a mention. His ability to exhibit emotion is nothing short of uncanny; we found that he’s adept at going from angry and outspoken in The Lying Game, to confused and closed-up after returning from war on Switched at Birth.

Need to keep track of Blair and his characters? Here’s a chart comparing Ethan Whitehorse to Ty Mendoza:


Ethan Whitehorse

Ty Mendoza


Caring but angry Distant but reliable


In love with two girls Loves just one


Slept with one girl and kissed the other Tries to be romantic


Older brother Lives alone


Still in high school Mechanic in the Army



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image of a jeep

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