Ghost Flower
Publishing Date: 2/20/2014
Author: Michele Jaffe

About the Book:

By Razorbill

ISBN 1595143963 (ISBN 13: 9781595143969)

Eve, a runaway, finds a new job at a coffee shop on the outskirts of Tuscon. When she's approached by two wealthy
teens who claim she bears an uncanny resemblance to their missing cousin Aurora, her life takes a turn for the dark and
mysterious. Drawn into a scheme to win Aurora's inheritance, Eve finds herself impersonating the girl who disappeared
three years ago, on the night her best friend Elizabeth died. But when Liza's ghost begins to haunt Eve, doing harm to the
people close to her, under the guise of "protecting" her, Eve finds herself in a nightmare maze of lies and deception that
leads her to question even her own identity. She realizes her only chance is to uncover the truth about what happened
the night Liza died, and to find Liza's killer - before she's next.

About the Author:

Michele is the author of the Bad Kitty series of YA books as well as thrillers and romances for adults. After getting her Ph.D. in Comparative Literature from Harvard, she retired from academia and wanted to become an FBI special agent or glamorous showgirl, but somehow ended up writing instead. A native of Los Angeles, California, Michele and her sparkly shoes currently reside in New York City.

March 20th Los Angeles, California


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