It’s Our Prom (So Deal with It)
Publishing Date: 2/20/2014
Author: Julie Anne Peters

About the Book:

By Little, Brown Books for Young Readers

ISBN 031613158X (ISBN 13: 9780316131582)

When Azure's principal gives her the chance to turn the school's traditional (and boring) senior prom into an event that will appeal to everyone, not just the jocks and cheerleaders, she jumps at the opportunity. Soon Azure manages to convince her best friends, Luke and Radhika, to join the prom committee, as well.

Facing heavy opposition and admittedly clueless about prom logistics, the three friends are nonetheless determined to succeed -- if Luke's and Azure's secret crushes on Radhika don't push the committee members, and their friendships, to the breaking point first.

About the Author:

Julie Anne Peters is the critically-acclaimed, award winning author of more than a dozen books for young adults and children. Her book, LUNA, was a National Book Award Finalist; KEEPING YOU A SECRET was named a Stonewall Honor Book; BETWEEN MOM AND JO won a Lambda Literary Award; and DEFINE “NORMAL” was voted by young readers as their favorite book of the year in California and Maryland. Julie’s books have been published in numerous countries, including Korea, China, Croatia, Germany, France, Italy, Indonesia, and Brazil.

She is a member of The Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators, PEN America, Colorado Authors League, and The Author's Guild.

She lives in Lakewood, Colorado, with her partner, Sherri, and far too many cats. The cats are under the impression that they're creative geniuses, since they spend a majority of their day walking back and forth across her computer keyboard. They probably generate more words per day than she does, but who can read cat gibberish?

January 16, 1952 in Jamestown New York


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