Just Flirt
Publishing Date: 2/20/2014
Author: Laura Bowers

About the Book:

By Farrar, Straus and Giroux (BYR)

ISBN 0374355150 (ISBN13: 9780374355159)

It’s summer, sweet summer! Self-proclaimed Superflirt Dee Barton can’t wait to spend it practicing her Nine Rules of Flirting on all the cute guys who come to stay at her family’s campground. Why not? Flirting is fun and makes everyone involved feel good—which is pretty much the exact opposite of her relationship with her toxic ex-boyfriend, Blaine.

Sabrina Owens’s summer plans include keeping her over-the-top karaoke DJ mother in check, maintaining her status as the queen of the popular crowd—and being the perfect girlfriend to Blaine. Both girls see each other as the enemy. But when a secret blog embroils them in a frivolous lawsuit, they must team up and embark on a risky, flirt-filled plot to set things right again…and maybe prove they’re not so different after all.

Laura Bowers’ new novel is a heartfelt and hilarious story of friendship, family…and flirting!


About the Author:

Laura Bowers lives in Maryland with her husband, two teen boys, and one spoiled dog. She enjoys writing, reading, running, watching her kids play sports, and planning her next Disney World trip. Some of her past job titles include waitress, salesperson, telemarketer, secretary, real estate agent, and during her broke college days, a roving character at holiday parades. (The time she had to wear a painful candy cane costume makes quite an interesting story!)


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