A Letter from the Editor
Publishing Date: 2/20/2014
Author: Mordechai (marc) Laub

Today, I find myself involved in one of the most remarkable projects to date.

In finding myself through writing, and only recently understanding works of literature, I was able to create a brand new world inside my head.

Through many young adult novels, I found myself lost in a world filled with ups-and-downs, break-ups and breakdowns,  true love and friendships - and it hit me.   There was nowhere to go to find out what's happening in the young adult world.  That is why I decided to create Young Adult Literary Magazine - a magazine that features the many things happening in the world of the young adult.

From new books and authors, to television shows and actors, we’ll try to cover it all. This magazine does not serve as a gossip magazine.  It is here purely for entertainment purposes.  Since this is our first issue, we couldn't cover everything.  So please be patient, and let us know what topics you would like the magazine to discuss.  We look forward to hearing your suggestions.

This is just a starting point to become what we hope will be a full fledged cover-to-cover hard copy magazine, that will eventually be located in your local stationery and book stores.

Each month I plan to do a shout out of a book I’ve read - one that gave me some form of inspiration to help me become who I am today and to lead me to create a most wonderful YA publication.  This month’s shout out goes to Pretty Things by writer Sarra Manning.  Pretty Things, which is my favorite YA novel, also happens to be my first - just like this publication.  It’s the story of four teenagers learning about themselves while rehearsing the play, The Taming of the Shrew


Based on the play by William Shakespeare, this story comes to life in this funny but cute modern day version. I mostly relate to the character Charlie, and how he thinks he knows who he is, but only realizes it later that he’s still figuring it out. Pretty Things became my favorite book for many reasons, especially since it was the first of many hopes of my life, and I’ve learned many things from it. For now I leave you with this: learn, think, and then do.

I thank everyone for your patience, and enjoy YAlitmag!


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