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Publishing Date: 2/20/2014
Author: Tom & Nimue Brown

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About the Book:

Published by Archaia Entertainment

ISBN 1936393573 (ISBN13: 9781936393572)

“Salamandra is a girl growing up on a strange, gothic island. Abandoned by her parents, and not wanted by the local witch, she’s sent to the orphanage. Sal doesn’t really know how to fit in, or be a regular girl. It doesn’t help that she isn’t a regular girl, having been blessed, or perhaps cursed, with the ability to do magic. Unfortunately she doesn’t have much idea how her magic works, or what its limits might be. She also has some demons to deal with – the ones in her head, put there by her parents, the ones in her old house, also put there by her parents, and the ones in her life who wear pretty smiles but have daggers in their eyes. Surviving on Hopeless is going to be a challenge.”


About the Author & Illustrator:

Thomas Brown has a love of gothic decay, poetry, wild landscapes and strange creatures. He has created book covers for Joe Pulver and others at Hippocampus. In 2009, he and his wife Nimue launched the webcomic Hopeless, Maine. He's influenced by Robert Holdstock and Neil Gaiman, among others.

Nimue Brown has a love of gothic decay, poetry, wild landscapes and strange creatures. She writes poetry and other fiction under a pen name. In 2009, she and her husband Tom launched the webcomic Hopeless, Maine. She's influenced by the pre-Raphelites, folklore and the modern druid tradition.


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