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Publishing Date: 2/20/2014
Author: No Doubt

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About the Album:
No Doubt fans, rejoice. Push & Shove is the group’s first new album in a DECADE. And new fans, rejoice! It’s an amazing effort. For Push and Shove, ND collaborated with by Mark "Spike" Stent for production, as well as Major Lazer and dancehall artist Busy Signal for the title track. This album has been a long time coming as it started incubating in 2008, after Gwen Stefani wrapped the tour for her second solo album The Sweet Escape. Various delays persisted, et voila, here we are in 2012, having ardently and patiently awaited Push & Shove. The album has more digital influences than their previous efforts, but it doesn’t take away from the sound; rather it enhances it and keeps ND sounding current and cutting edge. Stefani’s voice is lovely as ever, pouty and luscious per always. Push & Shove features buzzy choruses similar to those on Tragic Kingdom. Favored dub influences, similar to those found on Rock Steady are still prevalent, also.

Track Spotlight: While the first single, “Settle Down,” is definitely a fun ride, this one goes to the title track “Push & Shove” based on collaborative effort. Major Lazer complements Stefani’s near wail perfectly and the synth beats provided by Lazer & Busy Signal bring out the fun and funk we’ve come to expect from the group. A hot track as we start to cool down for fall.




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