YA Story - Dear Young Girl | Young Adult Mag
Publishing Date: 2/20/2014

You’re a sweet, little bud,

When your sun does shine,

You’ll blossom, no doubt

Into a flower so fine.

But I thought you should know,

That there’s rainfall too.

And times when you feel

Life’s unfair to you.


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The friends that you make,

Might stay or leave.

You’ll find people who care,

And those that deceive.

Folks you thought friends

Might cause you to bleed.

While that enemy you loathed,

Might be an ally indeed.


Oh yes! There’ll be boys,

That you’ll love and you’ll hate.

The ones that love you,

The ones that you’ll date.

You could find yourself caught

Between two guys some day.

Don’t you worry, dear girl,

For love will find a way.                       


There’ll be days when you’ll laugh

So hard it turns you red.

Nights when you may cry away,

Silently in your bed.

Also, those rare, good times,

When you’ll laugh so hard that you cry.

You’ll be lucky, I tell you,

To have all that money can’t buy.


This world, my girl, is teeming with folks

Who’ll give out free advice.

Yet it’s always up to you alone

To find the truth among the lies.

And trust me dear, you’re strong enough

To see all of this through.

You’ll have the life you want to lead.

You’ll make your dreams come true.

It was half past midnight when Ginny flipped her computer on.
Florescent green stars/Permanently stuck to the ceiling
Do you ever wonder why life just seems to be so difficult?

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