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Publishing Date: 2/20/2014


Series Rundown: Adapted from a format in the Netherlands, The Voice could be just another run of the mill vocal competition (not that there's anything wrong with vocal competitions; I'm talking to you AI and X Factor). Some of the biggest pop stars rocking the charts have been culled from vocal competitions. The Voice, however, is a fresh take in that it's structured slightly differently. In The Voice, there are three stages of competition. The first is a blind audition where four coaches listen to contenders without seeing them, their backs turned to them in swivel chairs. In the U.S. these coaches are Adam Levine of Maroon 5, Blake Shelton, Christina Aguilera and the inimitable Cee Lo Green. If inclined, the coaches turn their chairs to signify that they are interested in working with that artist. If more than one coach turns the chair, the artist gets the power and the responsibility to choose the coach they would like to work with. The blind audition ends when each coach has twelve artists on their team. Coaches are there to develop their singers, give them advice, share insider secrets and offer support.


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The competition then takes a turn for the dramatic/aggressive in the battle phase. In battle, the coaches pit two of their own team members against each other in a duet. In this round, the coaches choose who will advance. The next round is live performances. In this phase of the competition, the top competitors get a chance to perform during live broadcast. A combination of audience votes and coaches’ votes decide who will move on. Finally, each coach will have their best artist compete in the finals with an original song. Only one will win the coveted prize of a recording contract... title "The Voice"

Highlights: After (the good) performances...THE CHAIRS! They're amazing. And the love/hate relationships between the judges. And the judges performances. And Cee Lo's cat. Actually, everything about Cee Lo. And this promo which really helps illuminate the judges for the unique individuals they are.

Catch it on NBC Mondays and Tuesday starting 9/10. Check local listings for times. Image via NBC.


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